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What’s your favorite cat.
What’s your kind of cat was very kind dog. Odds are that we have it here at the wonderful animal rescue Tulsa Vana house. Odds are we have every kind of cow or dog if you don’t come check it out if we do. Now be cool. Come check out if there’s a dog or a cat or a bird or lizard that you’d like to adopt. We love all animals. We think about animals constantly. We never let them stray far from our thoughts and we are passionate about making sure that. All the animals in the animal rescue Tosa are taken care of. That’s what we care about. So many questions about where our services are when we do visit our website and that’s how Stockham contact us ask us. Whatever you like. We are an incredible. Incredible service here and we ask as well as a pet supply store so it’s applied. However pets need or talk to you.
We’ll talk to you about our success stories if you have any questions about what our special successes are. Let us know and I’ll talk to you about. Breakthrough adoptions how we maneuvered those and. Why we deserve the title of the best and rescue Tulsa will ever see. It’s really simple but you cannot to find out what that means during the day. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.. There’s no end to. Truly. We survive on your donations. We work tirelessly to make sure these dogs. Are fed but we need donations to really make sure these dogs can survive and these cats and these lizards and these. Other animals we have we all have bears up. We’re looking at be really cool.
Check out our check out our site. Check out what you can find out. Check out check out our featured part of the Week this week is James little red furred green eyed puffball absolutely gorgeous cat can’t get any cuter than he is truly truly adorable cat.
Trigger our successful adoption. See how these dogs are faring now that they’ve been adopted by a loving family is truly all we hope for. Dogs and cats is that they get into loving loving houses with their are cared for and treated with respect and kindness. That’s what makes us a great animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen because that’s our sincere desire to see these animals grow old and loving homes. We don’t want to keep our eye on our rescue forever. We know that it’s not the best thing for them the best thing for them is to be in loving homes where Sochi with respect and dignity and that’s what makes us the greatest animal rescue. Tosa or the world has. Ever seen. If you have any questions about how we do what we do. Please will very contact us if you want donate. Please go ahead and do that.
Donate to the greatest and rescue Tulsa has ever seen and and tell us tell us why we’re great. Tell us what we’ve done to help your animal help your knowledge about animals tell us how we can.
Help you and jump on our testimonials and see what people are saying about us see what they’re saying about what we’ve done for them what we’ve done for their animals. Contact us please. And if you’re looking for a job we might have something for you. I love animals very much and get to. Care a lot about. About all sorts of animals so we we might.
Be able to hire you if you’re a good person and care about animals. So. Make sure your. Adopting pets I already have six dogs myself. I don’t know how many more I can take on. I don’t think any right now.
So I am off the hook but you guys need to take care of as many dogs you can. Make sure that you’re saving animals visiting us and taking care of these beautiful creatures who are placed in our care. We take it very seriously we care a lot that these dogs and. Cats find homes and we hope that you are able to ride those loving homes which they’re respected and treated well and an important thing for dogs is to get proper meals if they’re not eating right and they’re not going to be on the top of their cognitive game they’re going to be this slow they’re going to be sick and they need to be sharp and playful. So if you can provide love and proper meals and would love to have you adopt a dog.