If you want to be a part of the bus and rescued Tulsa has ever seen college today we are in this house at our Web site fans house and dotcom. Let us know what you’re thinking why you love dogs why you love our site why you love our animal rescue Tulsa and how you’re going to help us out with these dogs with these cases that are tough. You know we have a lot of tough cases that aren’t easy. So please go out in the dark today if you have a good home if you get home life. These dogs would thrive in your houses make sure that these dogs are OK when they come into your life. Better these dogs. Don’t make their lives worse. That’s all we ask. We ask that you create a loving environment for them. Where they can thrive and have a good life. That’s our mission that’s our goal to make sure that every dog lives in a happy loving home. And that’s what we strive to see in the best and rescue Tulsa has ever seen. We are called him at his house and we are animal rescue and supply store. We do both so we’ll give you the dog and we get it things the tools necessary to take care of them. Whether it’s a leash dog bowl or the matter we are a supply store for pets so we better have those things. Otherwise we wouldn’t do too well.

So contact us today through our Web site at house dot com click on Contact Us type talk about what we have to offer our kind of animals that we have. Talk to us about. About success stories our success stories not only the amazing success stories on our Web site see the successful adoptions that we’ve had. You can see the beautiful dogs and cats and birds and snakes and lizards and have been adopted through us. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.. The animals are taken care of.
And what animals we’ve got we’ve loved. So our featured part of the week is a nice touch to add to all of our. All of our sites. And this one is James this week he’s a beautiful little orange cat with green eyes who just has life in his eyes. He couldn’t couldn’t be any happier. He lives at the best animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen so he can complain he’s living the life he loves yarn balls he has plenty and balls. He loves catnip. And I use the kitty litter because there’s two things to do. It’s his cat. She also is very playful. Hello jump around.
It’s almost like he’s talking to you know a lot of time he doesn’t actually use words but it’s like he is like he understands and he’s he’s a crazy crazy guy. So if you’re curious about James and our other pets that we can come by. Family’s house and see the best and rescue Tulsa.

Has ever seen truly and talk to us about what we like what kind of dogs we like what kind of cats we like. I like James Personally I think he’s a great cat. I agree that he may be a little bit fussy sometimes but you know what. I kind of like that he kind I kind of like the ISIS as opposed to you know some kind kind of sits there all day and doesn’t really interact with others or cats interact. So you should adopt them our home. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.. We’ll put them in loving homes which they can. Have the greatest cat loves They can all nine of them and have a great time living with the people who love them and treat them fairly. If you are interested in seeing and was rescued Tulsa a place to be then up on your internet and look up Havanas house and dot com. We have the Web site up which is a gorgeous website with that easy easy interface. You can shop at our store on our online store you can use a contact you can contact us. You can even do it today.
Today is a huge step for you to take. Very generous. And it shows you’re a good person willing to willing to sacrifice your personal your personal funds to the cause.
That is great and needed because a lot of people won’t donate to pets because they think that these dogs are just cats. They’re just lizards snakes turtles what have you. But you know what. These. Are. Love and Affection.
And they deserve to be cared for in the best possible way. So if you’re in a financial position where you can donate to the best and rescue Tulsa will ever see. Let us know and we love to accept your donations.
And earn your trust.