Tell me what you want out of your life of your dog is out of your experience with your dogs. We would love if you tell us what you’re thinking about your dogs and their business down the best animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen. We are called Havanas house and we are very passionate about dogs and cats and other creatures that. Live and we want you.

To know that we want you to know that we think we’re the best animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen. They want the dogs to be good boys and all the cats to be good cats. How is our rescue. Visit our Web site. Have an ice house dotcom any questions please contact us through our Web page. Send us an e-mail. Doctors at what we can do for you and I would love to talk about the kind of thing so don’t today. Donate today. You mean to say that our dogs are able to live here for a long time and most didn’t get rid of our trade. I’m going to. Give them to the pound because we can’t financially Hausen don’t allow it to happen. Need to do it today. Make sure I kept an. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here. Adopted pet us that. It’s taken away from that situation. And. Even though we are the best and rescue torso we’re still not as good as a loving home. I personally have six dogs and I love every single one of them but I can’t take anymore. So it’s on its telling people Tulsa since they’re in the area with the grace and rescue Tulsa’s ever seen. It’s on the people of Tulsa. To create those lovely homes which dogs can join and. No longer live in the housing rescue Tosa even though it is a great place. It’s not as good as a home. So we needed to make sure that all our dogs are getting into good homes and and cats as well I.
Truly any creature we have needs to be getting into their homes but they’re safe and loved and treated with respect.
Go to our page and look at what’s happening with our successful adoption stories. These dogs coming from rescue Tulsa all the way to homes and how happy they are. Look at our future a week right now it’s James Orange cow with green eyes it’s absolutely adorable. Likewise accusing her of seeing my wife. It is a very happy cat and it looks like it’s. Just wanting to talk to you about your life. I someone to ask you what your dad asked you you’re doing it cares a lot about who you are as an individual. That’s a great guy if you ask me. So if you have any questions about what we do how you can donate to our cause and to help out these beautiful animals hop our Web site Vanna’s house dot com. Donate today. Put in your name phone number and we’ll contact you about how you can donate. Make your donation intimidation count and help these animals survive in the cruel world in which if we didn’t raise. Them they would not make it so. Be thankful for us. Be thankful for these pets and donate today. Make sure that these.

Have not go forgotten. In this house our special and Rustigan pet supply store is able to supply as much of each of us some of the proceeds from the pet supply store as take care of the animals. But unfortunately it’s not enough to take care of them. So. the only way we survive is donations. So if you ever liked it or if you’re not a dog you doing it today and experience a successful adoption story as well. Right page help and eye contact page. They’ll both tell you how to do this. How you do it. They’re both simple simple to use.
And our site is a beautiful and simple and it’ll help you navigate the waters.
You never know what’s going to happen when don’t eat dog. It’s always scary but when you use that to.
His house you have a little bit of peace of mind knowing that you’re going to the best of the best rescue possible and that these dogs will be loved and a nice new home with you.
So please consider adopting today and make the right choice by using Havanas home.