It you want to learn about the greatest animal rescue to ever be created. Look up Havanas house dot com. We are the best thing that ever happened to animal rescue Tulsa. We are incredible. We make sure these dogs are fed and make sure these cats are fed and make sure all of these animals in our care are taken care of. We have a passion for dogs that’s what we care about. We have a cat passion for cats so we care about the passion for all living creatures that move and breed and can’t take care of themselves in the domesticated state.
They have been turned into. So we ask him to visit our Web site and ask how can contact us to this site. Visit our page to learn about what we’re about to. Learn. About me learn about our site and learn about how to become a better person by donating money and doing it today to be a good person. If you want to help these animals live a you to help them breathe. You are helping me sleep comfortably. Don’t that you need to adopt a pet. Visit us and save an animal. You can do those three things once a week would be a good person and who dogs and cats love. We want to rescue animals. In need of a home and find the best home possible. If you’re at the best possible. We don’t want you don’t contact us. Right. We only want the best home possible for all of these animals that we care about. That’s what makes us the greatest animal rescue. Tulsa has to offer. That’s what makes us a great. Reader testimonials reader Amos Johnson as I say in shame pines read what they have to say about our animal rescue or what makes it the best. Why. Why do we have so many successful adoptions. Why do we have a beautiful featured pet are featured Pet of the week is James. That’s liable to change folks. Don’t hold me to that one.
There are featured pet right now is James he’s a beautiful orange cat with the green eyes who loves life loves to play with a yarn ball and occasionally spits prefer before. He’s a good boy. He cares a lot about his friends and he plays he plays with people unlike most cats he enjoys company and he enjoys being petted and he purrs a lot is a good boy. But make sure you also check out our successful adoption stories into the cute dogs that have been adopted in happy homes. The best fit for them. And how they became good boys. The houses that they live and we follow up with our people make sure they are good boys even after they toppled to make sure that you aren’t the best. Animal rescue also has to offer that is that this house breaks down my house and com. Donate today if you want to be a good person if you want to. Donate to a worthy cause. How about feeding an animal. That’s a pretty worthy cause if you ask me. It’s a great great weight and don’t want to feel good about yourself knowing that you’re feeding little cats and dogs and other animals. The birds of the sky and creatures land knowing that they are being taken care of. Is the best feeling you can possibly experience. Trust me I’ve done it. It’s wonderful. Go to our testimonials page learn what people are saying about us what they love about us. And there’s nothing wrong with us. There’s nothing they criticize us for so it’s all all great reviews because we are perfect and we are angels that only take care of adults. We are Havanas house and we care very much. Every one of our dogs and birds and cats.
We are the animal rescue Tulsa super center of the world. If you wonder what that means just go and call us. Go ahead and call us on our phone number on our Web site. Contact us through the Web site send us your name phone and email. And don’t I know you’re a bad person because everyone knows that dogs need lots of food to grow up strong and they need them. We need outside funding we need help from outside sources to make sure as the doggies get their get their food and water so they can go the good. Was there any questions about what we do and how we do it. Please contact us today and we’ll talk to you more about how are the greatest animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen. And we will explain when you ask questions like What makes you think various animal rescue horses. Ever seen will say it is because we are going to take dogs and cats. So trust us. Free or animal on cats and dogs need them. You will not disappoint you.