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You are looking to adopt a pet. The only place you should look at for animal rescue Tulsa is Havana house that is the best place you can possibly look with the best customer service the best animals and the best situation. We love animals here in this house and we hope that you do too. We hope that you are animal rescue Tulsa and that you care about animals. What should we do. We love animals we absolutely adore animals. Animals are probably the most important thing to us. If you’d like to donate it to our website visit our Web site Havanas house dot com visit our Web site. We have to say see our sites your animals see our pets see our beautiful┬ápets and tell us what you think about our pets or pets greatest are the best. Of course they are. They are the best greatest pets you’ve ever seen. You can save an animal you cannot doubt pet you can visit us at our location if any of those are interesting you please let us know and we we’d love to. And to tell you all about us if you want to donate Gaunts you want our site Havanas house dot com and get donations right now and give us your donations for our animal rescue Tosa we deserve it. We help the pets we take care of the pets to make sure they are fed bread and live. All right. We take care of pets. We our goal is to rescue animals in need of a home. We want to find the best home these animals possible because we love them so much.
We believe every animal deserves a chance to be loved. And we absolutely love our animals. Go online view our testimonials. Some people are saying about us. See what people are saying about our pets. And guess what. They’re all great things are all great things that are being said about us here at Havanas house. If you have any question about what it means to be a part of the hen house team go online today. Look at those pictures of some beautiful dogs and beautiful cats with help. If you look at our featured pet James that’s our featured pet this week it’s liable to change but right now James a beautiful kitten is orange green eyes it’s the best looking cat you ever see in your life.
You want to donate to make sure James and other pets are animal rescue Tulsa are are being fed are taking care of our house in proper conditions. Go to Havanas house dot com. And donate to us because we are crazy about dogs and cats animals. That’s what we are our passion and what we care about. We are absolutely nuts about animal rescue. Tulsa is our passion. That is what we eat drink sleep that’s all we care about. And if you realize how worthy of a cause that is and want it done to us we love that. We’d love that if we got outside support and someone to come and help us out with our project on Contact Us help on our Web site. I’m at his house in dot com slash contact dash us slash fill your name your phone. It’s very easy to figure out you’ll be able to do it very simply and you will feel. Much better once you donate to donate $100000. Five hundred thousand dollars doesn’t matter. Just give us money because these pets deserve these pets to be out there hard times. These pets needed your donations to live to thrive and to become stronger better smarter. So if you’d like to become a good person who donates to animals in need.
Go ahead. Log on to Web site Havanas house dot com search to donate and look it up and figure out how to donate to our animal rescue Tulsa the best animal rescue. Ever To be created is Havanas house where animal rescue and supply store. You don’t have to donate. You can also buy goods and those proceeds will go towards making sure that cats and dogs and animals at our place are. If you questions about how much of that goes to it go ahead. E-mail us contactors. Ask about what we do with the proceeds from our store. Adopt a pet to day browse our pets browse the beautiful dogs cats birds nakes and creature of the sky that we have in our in our. Rescue shop and you will not be disappointed you will find a companion even love for life so go ahead during the day. Thanks.