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If you’re curious about.
What is a great animal rescue in Tulsa you’ve come to the right place you know to look any further than Havanas house. We pride ourselves on being the pride of toll so when it comes to our rescue. It is also second to none. We supply an incredible array of different products for your pets. Once you adopt them or if you only one patted you in one corner store you are more than welcome to you. We have a wide selection and we would love to work with you to find something that works for you for all your animal needs all your animal supply needs. We believe we are truly one and best animal rescue Tulsa has ever seen. Take that seriously. If you want to adopt from us give us a call on our house dot com Contact Us page. Figure out. Our number is how to get a hold of us and give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about your options about where we see you fitting in. And we’d love to interview you and discover if you’d be a good fit for one of our pets. And if you if you are in Finland you’ll get enough pack and not only that you’ll be featured on our successful adoption page a wonderful page in which she goes over why exactly am a rescue also I care so much about our pets and how it does that is by keeping track of our successful adoptions even after they’re gone. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.
So if you look on our Web site and check all that information you can look at our featured the week or feature peddlar week right now. James James beautiful orange tie with white stripes and green eyes and a pink nose. He is a real rare beauty and he is also a rare soul.
He makes amorously tall great. He’s a huge part of that because he and his personality always bring a light into into our rescue and they bring a sense of fun and a sense of. Childlike wonder into our image. So if you are serious about James hop on hop on our website contact us figure out if James is still around and talk to us because he’s going to go pretty fast because he’s a little cutey with a big heart. As far as our shop you can find everything online at our website. And House dot com why we supply the most animal rescue toss the goods. And you can donate as well we would appreciate it if you donate this donation to help cats dogs animals very kind lived better in our facility.
We eventually want to expand the House more creatures and we believe that to do that we would need to hire more employees. That takes money. And we hope that you’ll be able to donate to us to help us with our vision to help us achieve our goals and reach those lofty ideals that we hold because we know that you cherish and value the greatest interest also has ever seen in our savannas house. We know that.
You are. You enjoy quality and you respect what we’re doing as a organization because it’s good work. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.. I mean people are doing it. Adopting dogs is tough people to adopt. It’s tough. We really need to. Focus and. Make sure people people are the right tool for the job. If there are to reject them without knowing if we all think it will be good. And we’ll make sure that the cat or dog it’s in a loving home for that every well where they’ll be cherished as lovely animals they are. And the wonderful creatures and souls that they have. So if you have questions about what we do how you do it when we do it we do it. Contact us today on our Web site at house dot com.
We’d love to talk to you about what we believe where we come from where we believe we’re going and how we’re going to get there so that you don’t help us by doing today. We greatly appreciate it. And we could grow together this vision.