Animal Rescue Tulsa | Beacon of Hope for Animals

If you’re looking for the various animal rescue center in the world you do not want to look anywhere else but here in this house we are the leader in our field we care the most about. Animals and anyone we have ever met. We want to help you find a dog that will fit well within your family within your home. Have a loving home in which a dog will be respected and treated well. We implore you to consider adopting dogs threw us at Vanna’s House. Our primary concern is making sure that each dog is cared for and and. Respected within every home. If you’ve any questions about what that means just contact us through our Web site. Go to Vanna’s house dot com contact us. Talk to us. Ask us what that means to us. That’s what we’re striving to what our goals are for the dogs what our beliefs are about dogs and cats. And how we can help you achieve your goals and how you help us achieve our goals. Our goal is to rescue animals in need of a home and find the best home possible. We deserve. Everyone serves a chance to be loved. Our featured Pet of the week or the month. I’m not sure you’d have time to feed your pet at this moment. Is James a beautiful green eyed orange stray cat with a pink nose and a big heart. He is a big playful guy he loves. He loves being coddled. His demeanor similar to the playful puppy. He’s just ready to play. He knows all the sense of our trainers.
He loves playing with the ball yard. He loves to dance around having a good time. If you play music he’ll help me all along and tell him to dance a little bit and that’s just kind of the cats we have here. They’re wonderful people wonderful cats and that’s why we are part of this animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen because of our cats and dogs. I mean our cats are a star the they are the greatest animal rescue tossed cats you could ever hope for. And our dogs are great animal rescue dogs. They’re are classic animal rescue folks and dogs. They’re really heroes heroes in my eyes at least for what they’ve been through what they’re able to accomplish. And I hope that you can see them that way as well. We hope that every one of our animals is adopted in a loving home. That’s our goal at the best and worst he has ever seen. And we take out you all very seriously and we hope you can donate to and rescue Tulsa so that. We can get in and do our work and feed her feed our animals the way they should be fed. We can take care of them in every way possible. If you think questions about what our animals mean to us about how we go about getting a good deal be more than happy to answer your question. Go ahead and contact us on our Web site Havannah house dot com.
Go to our About page to learn about us or more go to our doc page learn if there’s anything you are interested in adopting any dog cat bird lizard whatever we have in our house. If there’s anything you are if there’s any creature you are interested in adopting We would love to hear about it. So go ahead give us a call.Animal Rescue Tulsa is here..  I’d love to talk to you about partnering with us in raising animals. It takes a village to raise a kid takes a couple. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.. Couple a handful of people to raise an animal and we would love to partner with you to make sure that that happens. We are a supply store as well so when you adopt a creature from us you will no doubt need some leashes and collars and bowls and whatnot and we have all the supplies necessary to make them an easy transition for you. And that’s why we have the store so we can make a transition. But if you want to make donation on top of buy everything and we appreciate we would appreciate $10 just $10 a adopted from us. We could make a good amount of money for these animals and we could. Do more eventually in the future and make sure they’re all going into loving homes because our main goal of the House are make sure everyone has a chance to get loved. And we take that very seriously. So please join our team and help us raise animals by adopting and partnering with us in animal life.