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What you desire out of life what you want do you want to be a person who is generous a person who gives Well then you definitely need to donate today. It depends how great is. And we’re also seeing we pride ourselves on being exceptional on taking care of exceptional animals and creating wonderful animal rescue Tosa experiences for all of our dogs cats birds and whatever else we have at home in this house. So if you can donate today go to our Web site Havanas House to come contact us tell us tell us what you’d like to see donate donate $100000 you can donate. $500000 whatever you like. We would like to partner with you in making sure that these animals feel safe feel happy and. Are secure in the animal rescue Tulsa facility. We want to make sure that all of our animals find loving homes. That’s our number one goal. So if you come by and adopt the pet that’s just as good as donating. We love it when people adopt paths. I’ve said that myself and we want to find loving homes for each and every one of our dogs and cats and every animal we have in our facility at the Animal Rescue also.¬†Animal Rescue Tulsa is here..
So please come to Havanas house and dot com visit us contact us ask us about our patch. Ask us about which pets. Are living with us at the moment and ask us where we can see which path is most ready to leave and which path is most ready to go.
To just to not leave. We believe we have a couple of different pets ready to go right now our featured the moment James is a happy little camper. Red red stripes gold green eyes pink nose we don’t believe he’ll be there long but if he is you’ll be lucky to get him. He’s a beautiful little cat. Has a great demeanor. Really kind. Really sweet hearted very intelligent understands. It seems like he understands what we’re saying to him. I mean we tell him everything we tell him that we’re the greatest animal rescue. Tulsa is lucky enough to have within the confines of the city. We tell him about how how happy he should be and he is happy he’s happy.
But we tell him he should be even happier because he’s in a man’s house. The greatest animal supply store has ever been. So.
He is. And he listens. He’s is a good cat. I’m not trying to talk bad about him but he’s a great cat. So if if you know someone who like a beautiful little cat with a great demeanor let them know about our buddy James. And we can talk about. Possibly.
Having him adopt him please adopt the dog as well. We love all our dogs and cats here but we have. A surplus of dogs right now.
And our goal is to see all of our animals get adopted. We know that is not exactly realistic but in a perfect world all our dogs would be in loving homes which they were respected and treated well and fed. Constantly so they can be sharp be fit and live a healthy life. So if you can adopt a dog if you’re in a position where you can be with love for you to come by Havanas house and. And look at our different animal and see if there’s one that would be a good fit for you and your family. You want to make sure primarily it’s a good fit because if you’re not happy the dog can be happy. We want to make sure it’s a good fit. And. Dogs find loving homes which they. Know which they can. Grow old and.¬†Animal Rescue Tulsa is here..
Find success as a dog. If you want to enter into our program please go on Havanas house or compress it donate button and really more than happy to help you understand how to donate. What’s the best way to do that was the best way to go about it. And. Who to contact about that. So if you have any questions. Let us know. We’ll be receptive to what you have to say. I will listen and we will be waiting patiently for your call. About how we can. We can help you understand how to adopt each and each one of our dogs. So please work with us and we will earn your respect and hopefully you’ll be able to house a dog in a loving home.
If you are a part of the greatest and rescue total’s ever seen let us know we love to work with you.