What is the most prestigious award you ever received.
You received an award for being the greatest animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen. That’s our aim. That’s what we want.
That’s our that’s our lofty goal.
We want to be the greatest animal rescue. Tulsa will ever see. That’s what we’re trying to do. We believe we are closing in on what we believe if we don’t have it. We are within reach of that goal. We need to find how. We see ourselves the next level and definitely has achieved that goal. And if you want to help us out you donate today any donation is appreciated. We. Appreciate all your donations so go on Havanas house dot com.
And you can donate today towards getting getting beautiful creatures dogs cats whatever we have in this house at the moment. Food and water and shelter we thrive. We really do our best job and we’re getting adequate funding and adequate funding to take place we must receive donations so if you could donate to what we think is a great animal rescue Tulsa’s ever seen we would appreciate it greatly.
Contact us online give us your name your phone and your e-mail and we’ll be happy to talk to you about what we do what we believe and who we are and where we want to go from here please. I did adopt a pet. That would be awesome. Pets are beautiful if you live in a loving home with people who would cherish and treat a dog with respect that we ask that you consider adopting a dog or cat for example.
And if you want to find out a little more about our our pets go to our Web site see our successful adoptions are featured pets. See. I. See what we’re trying to do. Our featured pet right now is changing the beautiful beautiful beautiful orange cat with the green eyes and the red ears and a little pink nose. Really cute striped striped little guy. He’s happy he’s he’s funny. He’s a character. He always plays jokes. Pretty funny guy. And he makes animal rescue Tosa a great place to work. Great place to. Hang out and he is playful This is really fun. So if you’re looking for a great cat. We have James here just waiting for you. He’s a great cat who lives in our great animosity Tulsa and who cares much. Well each one of our employees actually recognize there’s a scent of each are in place and that could be him at your house if he lived with you. So let us. Let us know if you are interested in renting or are.
Adopting a beautiful cat named James and we would love to meet with you and discover if that would be a good match between you and James. Well you can look at our successful adoption so. The options that have you on in the past and. Gone right and they’ve enjoyed their. Adopt turns and the adoptees have enjoyed their relationship. We pride ourselves on our communication after. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.. Adoption with the owners because we want to make sure that our dogs that come through here in this house are taken care of. Well that’s what makes us a great animal rescue. Tulsa also really enjoys how they in their city. And.
Yes you can adopt today you can donate. We appreciate all donations we understand that sometimes financial luminaries won’t allow you to donate large amounts of money but we appreciate all that. All donations. Ten thousand one hundred. Five dollars. All donations go a long way to making sure that our. Our animals eat and that they have a place to lay their head. And we really appreciate every donation of every shot because it shows people care and people are invested in our vision the same way we are. Because. We we need support to make sure these animals are kept healthy. So thank you for the support and we appreciate it very much.