It you’re looking to find the best and worst year in Tulsa Oklahoma look no further. And I I’ve had in house we are the premier house for for animals if you have any desire to donate it or adopt a pet we would appreciate it. We are the best animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma and by far and away if adopting is something you’re interested in check out our Web site at house dot com.
Check out the success stories of people who have adopted with us and what they did what they enjoyed about us and read the testimonials and see what works and how they did their job.

And we’d love when people adopt our animals. We know that they’re going to be satisfied. We know that. There’s many good things from those relationships. So if you have any questions please visit our website. We’ll be happy to talk to you about what we do how we do it and where we see everyone fitting into our. Our project. So. Please go ahead. On our Web site feel free to comment to contact us to ask us any questions you have about our program and what we can do to help you out and help you along your way. So if a house is the best place for you to go for animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma we know that is the best place in Tulsa Oklahoma but you don’t know if it’s better for you because maybe maybe you don’t like it. Our selection of animals and if you don’t like it then please don’t donate every everyone of your miserable animal feed off you. And if you’re not in a great place and then the animal is going to feel that it’s a bad situation for the animal. So please only call if you’re very serious about using us as an animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma as we are very serious about everything we do. So please if you are in a financial position to adopt please do that.

But if you’re not we ask you donate 10 5 bucks to our cause to make sure that these kids are able to live with us for a long time it takes money and money to feed these animals the money and to clothe these animals and. And give them beds and water. And we ask that you can help us with this partner with us making sure that these animals are taken care of and the best way possible. If you are in the finest position write $10000 you appreciate that that would help us say as one of the only animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma and. One of the few that is. Around so please donate today. Help us become a great animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma and help these animals live like the one in port James are the month per month featured pet is living his life and. We need him to.

Live his life out in the real world. We want him to experience life experience people experience a real home where there’s respected and love. That’s what we want for all around as well all around us. Houses respected and loved and they are treated with kindness and fairness. And if they experience that then we are happy. We are extremely happy that these animals can do that. So if you have any questions please contact us on our Web site Havana. And bathouse dot com contact us through our site look up our phone number. Donate today please. Just make an effort to make a difference in the life of an animal and it will be rewarding for you. In many ways because these animals are the best animals are the world the big hearts and they’re very intelligent and they care a lot about those that help them. So if you’re able to help them we ask that you do we ask that you take time out of your day to help these animals and create a better life for them in partnership with us through donating or adopting these beautiful creatures.