If you have any interest in adopting rescue animals in Tulsa please let us know we are Havanas house the premier place for finding beautiful rescue animals. We have dogs cats and other animals. We are chiefly concerned with making sure that whatever animals we adopt out are taken care of and loved and placed in a loving home. So if you are so many know is looking to adopt rescue animals in Tulsa We’d love to get a conversation with them. See if you guys would be a good fit for one of our one of our animals. And if her was to be a good fit for you because if you’re not happy the animals I’d be happy Schweder the situation that was going to end up back with us. And I can be incredibly sad at the loss of a friend. So if you or someone you love or no business associate is looking to adopt rescued animals in Tulsa tell us we’d love to hear what they’re looking for exactly what kind of dog. Animal. What kind of.
What kind of cat if you are not in a position to adopt a pet right now. I see you donate to our cause and. Help us create this beautiful home for these animals because they’re not able to. Live without us if we were around they’d be in pounds and pounds or Thracians for dogs so our rescue Haven is so safe somewhere that. These dogs enjoy living. So please don’t tonight to Havana. Havanas house and on our Web site Fowlers house dot com. We are more than happy to receive those donations. If you look on our Web site you can also see 8:06 successful adoption stories of those who want to adopt rescue animals in Tulsa and it went through us and enjoyed the process. If you want to see what’s happening go to our featured Pat. James James is beautiful orange and white cat with green eyes. Who. Who is just a real joy to have around. So if you have any questions about what we mean we talk about. How you can adopt rescued animals in Tulsa please don’t hesitate to contact us or our Web site again as far as house dot com contact us through our internet page. Call us on the phone and talk to us. However you want to and adopt our dogs and cats and animals. And do they get to see your heart if you have a happy home if you have a healthy loving home. We would love for you to being like us.¬†Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa is at Havana’s House!
We love to hear you and talk to you about what your needs are and how you can meet the needs of the dog and how a dog can meet your needs and read our success story see what people who have been happy in the past with our dogs and done and how they’ve gone about it. And if you can see yourself doing that same thing then please we implore you to adopt and rescue animals in Tulsa. Please. Be in constant contact with us. Let us know what you think about our site. Let us know what you think about our animals. If you like a web site let us know give us testimonials if you’ve been to our store and you’re happy with the experience. Tell us what’s great of your testimony LCL put like to about us go to our page see what’s happening here see substories. Adopt today if you have the permission to do it if you have a loving home donate if you can’t adopt. We appreciate that so much because we understand that not everybody is in the financial position or the position in their life where they can adopt. But donating is something that’s easy. Five ten bucks is all we ask and we can help. A house is always in a situation where they are cared for every day and cared for intensely and loved fiercely. So if that is you we would appreciate your violation and we would ask that you do that for us and more importantly for these animals because we. We need to turn these animals in a loving way if you’d like to volunteer please be in contact with us. We’d love to.
Have people volunteer and help us with these animals and take care of them in the best way possible. So if you would like to either adopt or don’t to appreciate your partnership with us we ask that you would do so in a prompt matter. Call us soon talking about what you can add to our team and what you see.
As a potential strength for us when you partner with us.