Looking for the perfect addition to your home? Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa at Havana’s House. We are more than just an adoption center, we also offer access to our private inhouse pet supply store. Here we have a mission Here we have a mission to provide animals that have been neglected and perhaps deprived of love an opportunity to thrive. Havana’s House was started because we wholeheartedly believe in giving love to all pets. We refuse to standby and witness animals not being taken care of in the proper way Havana’s House was funded as a way to find those pets that are deserving of a new home that gives unconditional love and care.

We find joy in finding a caring home for cats, dogs, or even fish. We’re filled with overwhelming delight when families Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa. Not only will adopting a pet from us feel like the right thing to do but it will be a rewarding experience on its own. Every year there are 2.7 million pets who are euthanized due to overcrowding in facilities or delay in adoption time. We never want this to happen, which is why we’re such advocates of adopting a pet. Instead of risking getting caught in a pet mill situation, try the safe way of finding a pet by adoption. Pet mills are very common around the world, animals are held in horrendous conditions, being taken advantage of and used purely for profit. The intent of pet mills is to sell fast and have as many pets on hand as possible.

If we haven’t convinced you to Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa from Havana’s House allow us to give you one more reason. Adoption will be a lot less costly when it comes to the final cost of acquiring a new addition to your family. Purchasing a pet from a breeder will likely have extensive costs due to the competitive market of turn around from pet mills. This is without the cost of initial vet bills and immunizations. Not only will you have the opportunity to give a loving home to a deserving animal but you’ll save all the initial high costs of acquiring a new family member. Give a happy home to a deserving pet while saving on high costs, and one less pet that will be euthanized without the chance of being adopted by a loving family.

You can find more information on our website at havanashouse.com on how to acquire your new addition to your family. Don’t forget you can also purchase all your pet needs right here at our pet supply store. A place you can adopt your next addition to your family and purchase all their day to day needs. We stand by our mission to provide a happy and healthy environment for all of our pets, that’s why we only carry top of the line supplies for your soon to be family member. Our inventory caters to all pets, whether it be as small as an amphibian or the size of two football fields. We are a one stop shop for all of your pet needs.

Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa | Adopt a Pet Holiday

We are Havana’s House located in Tulsa, OK where you can Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa. When looking to find the best place to adopt we understand thorough research will be done. Which is why we offer our success stories that you can read before making the decision to choose us. We offer adoption services for more than just cats and dogs. We rescue any animal in need of a loving home. Paul J. and wife rescued their parakeet from us. Paul would have rather purchased a bird from a retailer but his wife convinced him to come through our doors just to see. Paul and his wife had talked over details at home about not having the capacity for a large pet. They knew a small pet was what would work for their family. The minute Paul and his wife arrived at Havana’s Home they laid their eyes on a beautiful baby blue bird, named Patrick. It was a moment of knowing, a moment of yes, this is he’s the one for us. Paul and his wife adopted Patrick the Parakeet. They still use our services offered by our pet store today and Patrick is one happy camper with his loving family.

Paul and his wife took a chance to Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa at Havana’s House and were able to give a loving home to a parakeet in need. This could be your story next that you write. All it takes is a choice to adopt over purchase. Allow yourself to give a pet for your family the chance they deserve. A choice to walk through our doors at Havana’s Home and rescue your next loving pet. The next success story we write about could be yours. In fact, we’d like to invite you to adopt a pet day, which we consider to be a holiday at Havana’s House. So mark your calendars as busy, too busy providing a home for your new forever family member.

We extend our greatest gratitude to our wonderful community members. All thanks to their considerable donations it has allowed us to continue Adopt Rescued Animals in Tulsa here at Havana’s House. Community members just like yourself; thank you for your time, funds, and resources. We’re grateful for all the resources our community has supplied us with. Havana’s House is able to thrive and help all pets reach their forever home. Along with our recognized holiday of Adopt a Pet Day we also host gatherings at the dog park to allow dogs that have previously been with us the chance to socialize with new pets and a few of our current dogs that await adoption. Our current residents we call them, we also provide food for your pets and the owners as well. We’ll cookout and mingle, you aren’t required to bring anything other than yourself and your precious pup. We will provide hot dogs, chips, and all the soda options.

Tp read more on our events and stay up to date with our latest news visit havanashouse.com. Again, we can’t give enough thanks to all who have touched our hearts and given a heartwarming welcome to one of our rescued pets. Havan’s House is made from stories like Paul’s and continues to be written daily with new adoptions. Thank you for giving us a chance Paul J. and wife. We hope this story will have inspired you to adopt and not shop! If you are going to shop, let it be at our in house store.